Creative Coaches

Each Creative Native deserves a Creative Coach. Get to know ours!

June 22, 2018

In our city they are prestigious artists. In our festival, Creative Coaches.

The creative coaches are renowned artists who will tutor and co-create with the creators selected in our Open Call. They will be their creative guide during the three-months creative process preceding the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival, to be held in Madrid from 22 to 27 October. Definitely, an unprecedented interactive experience in which Creative Natives and coaches will learn from each other reflecting, experimenting and creating the main artistic festival content.


Marlon de Azambuja is a multidisciplinary artist inspired by everything that happens in his environment, not only in artistic matters, but also in a broader cultural sense. In his work he uses concepts related to architecture and the city. Based on a wide range of resources such as photography, video, sculpture, drawing and the disruptive use of everyday materials. His relevant work is playful and bold and it’s manifested by a simple extension of the urban design and the use of colour.


Leonor Serrano is an architect graduated in Fine Arts. Her work is focused on the investigation of communication theories through form, the relationship of the body with its movement and design. Also, she is interested in the relationship between space and audience. Her pieces include two classical theatre elements: choir and stage design. Performance, the most theatrical form of the plastic arts, has been gaining more and more visibility in the work of Serrano Rivas. Through performance she can combine sculpture, sound, installation and video, all activated by live performers.



Miki Leal has been classified as a figurative painter with a pop and surrealist streak, but he also assumes in his work various other stylistic influences. Among the themes that attract him to draw, are the family and domestic environment, the oneiric, as well as his passion for various musical genres and a certain tendency to represent iconic characters of our world. Graphic pieces also occupy a relevant place in his compositions, with design pieces created out of geometric elements inspired by tiles, mosaics, terraces and.



Carlos Maciás practice consists of two facets: specific interventions and a strictly pictorial side. In the first, inspired by the observation of the city and the occupation of the public space by its inhabitants, he reflects on the nature of the exhibition. Colour and line are the main tools that Maciá works with. The use of industrial kind materials coexists with the neatness of the line and the primary chromatic spectrum. Maciás stands out for his balance of colours. And his geometric bodies come to life in a space that really seems to have been exclusively designed to house them.



City and language are the core elements of Juan Lopez’s work. The city as a human complex construction and a space of relationship, is his main reflection theme. And language, whose use and manipulation allows him, with a critical sense, but also poetic and humorous, to create metaphors and linguistic games that motivate audience’s participation in this reflection. These parameters are materialised in installations that maintain a close and complex dialogue with architecture, whether from its interior or its exterior, and often, with a conciliatory purpose.



Specialized in artistic constructions, we present you to Takk (Mireia Luzárraga + Alejandro Muiño): a creative team that stands out for its ephemeral architectural production. They will be the responsible for the architectural intervention in the physical space of the festival. Its production process includes experimentation with materials of all kinds, especially plastics. His interventions are reflections on the intersection between nature and culture in the contemporary framework, with a special attention on the overcoming of anthropocentrism on its different forms (ecological, cultural, on gender…).



David Kano is our music creative coach. He has a musical multidisciplinar profile: composer, producer, promoter and DJ. He has founded some different musical successful projects as Citizen Kane, Cycle or Kracovia. His style stands out for its great electronic erudition and ‘hyperactivity’ style. He’s been DJ-ing since he was a teenager. Also, in his facet as a producer, we can recognize his characteristic and peculiar sound in countless works for groups of all kinds.



If you want to know more details about our creative coaches: just click here. And if you want to get to know them and work with them in a three-months co-creation process, just sign up for our Open Call!


Remember! Only until July 6th.