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September 21, 2018

Music has a transformative energy that has the power to connect different generations. There is no doubt that music is also one of the most enduring creative vehicles driving down Madrid’s streets. No matter where you are in the city, you will come across avenues, corners and alleys that have been and still are sources of inspiration for our musicians. Brick walls are submerged in urban artists’ visions and inspire the beat of our bands’ sounds.


Madrid’s creative musical landscape is always evolving. New artists are constantly playing on the stage of the city’s musical scenes, and there is always a new singer, band or DJ who brings with them a new musical wave.


Swatch Cities was born with the aim to connect cities’ creative realities. We wanted to create something unique to celebrate the first edition of the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival: a musical project to showcase Madrid’s rich creative sound. To do so, we gave a curator role to Carlos Galán, director and founder of Subterfuge, Madrid’s main indie record company. He selected five emerging bands to become the stars of this project. They, along with producer David Kano (DJ, composer and leader of musical group Cycle), have produced an album featuring never-before-heard material. Ten songs, two from each band, were produced exclusively for a vinyl format. Only 551 limited units will be produced. To listen to the new songs, you will have to wait for the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival concerts that will be held between October 22-27. The highlight of the musical part of the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival will be on Friday, October 26, when all five bands will play live at Ochoymedio. Allow us to introduce you.




After being immersed in projects with artists such as Pimp Flaco and Mow, Solo Astra brought a surprising twist to Madrid’s psychedelic rock scene. Their most recent creation is their EP, “Delivery Boy.” With these songs, they play with a combination of classic and new sounds, experimenting with their approach to contemporary urban music. Five tracks named after food show their interest in other genres, including pop, and are influenced by artists like Homeshake, Mild High Club and Tyler the Creator.




This 23-year-old Swedish-Hispanic singer, with her dream-pop hypnotic style, is one of the most recent breakout artists in Madrid’s (and Spain’s) indie scene. A bold musician whose interior world is complex and fruitful, Cintia has a sweet, captivating voice that combines with electronic sparkles and folk. Her past work is steamy and sinuous, inspired by blues-rock with Jamaican echoes and inter-war sounds.




Gabriela Casero, better known as MOW, dominates a recognizable style thanks to her soft, silky and entrancing voice that melts perfectly with an electronic melody tending toward pop. Her music career started with a guitar in her hands. Soon she moved toward electronic sounds similar to Angel Olsen’s, Margaret Glaspy’s and Sucre’s. Using English in her lyrics, she camouflages herself to transmit powerful stories.




You probably don’t know her, but you will soon. Maldiva is a very young artist, radically new, acting as the surprise element that emerges from the city’s musical scene. Maldiva rises with a fresh sound, moving to urban trap rhythm and with a very important feminine statement. If you want to see the first steps of a new musical legend, you will be able to do so at the festival.





Ambre was born in the summer of 2016. The band from Madrid whose style combines diverse influences – progressive rock, kraut and psychedelia mixed with electronic and pop elements – recently released its first album, “Mercury Man.” The songs feature the sounds of progressive rock connecting with synthesized textures and electronic vibes.  The result: an album with a vibrant psychedelic sound that will remind you of groups like Pink Floyd and Radiohead.


Now you probably want to hear them live, right? If you didn’t know them already, it’s time that you do. Their previous albums can be heard on any musical platform. But if you want to listen live to their newest material, created exclusively for this project, you will have to wait for the concerts that will be held during the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival in Madrid on October 22-27.


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