The time for young creators is here: Swatch Cities, Madrid festival has begun.

October 23, 2018

The moment we were waiting for is finally here. The celebration of new ideas and new creators is now underway. From today, October 23th, to Saturday, October 27th, discover a new generation of creators who move the city with their ideas. Decide if you want to be one of those who will say, “I was there at the Impact Hub Gobernador, and I lived it from beginning to end.”


The art shows have been set up, but we won’t give you any previews because we prefer to surprise you. We are sure you’re going to enjoy them! The five creative native teams have been working together, along with the creative coaches, for the three last months. Their art projects are ready to be discovered by you at the Impact Hub Gobernador (Gobernador Street, 26). You will enjoy other creative experiences, too: talks by recognized and established professionals, dynamic showcase sessions by more young creators in Madrid, workshops on animation, and illustration and lettering by artists such as Ana Cuna, José Roda and the lettering studio Vasito de Leche. There is only one way to be sure that you won’t miss a thing: check the updated agenda and get your free invitation to take part in a different kind of festival.


What’s up with the concerts? When we talk about “young creators,” we always include musicians. Our five emerging local bands, Ambre, Cintia Lund, Maldiva, Mow, and Solo Astra, have already produced a new album with support from the renowned producer David Kano. So at Swatch Cities, Madrid, you can also experience Madrid’s new music scene. On the exclusive, limited edition album recorded specifically for Swatch Cities, Madrid, there are 10 songs. You can hear them live at the artists’ acoustic concerts every night of the festival from Tuesday to Saturday at the Impact Hub Gobernardor. But if you want to see all five bands live on one night, you’ll have a great opportunity to do so on Friday, October 26th at the Ochoymedio Club. We know… that sounds really good!


But wait, there’s more! You’re in for a surprise… some urban artists will take to the streets of Madrid this week. We have collaborated with one of the most international Spanish urban art collectives Boa Mistura. And urban artist Antonyo Marest will unveil his art intervention at the central Swatch Store (Preciados Street, 26), creating a unique artistic atmosphere inside and out. All the projects have been curated by Urvanity Projects.

What are you waiting for? Go get your invitation! It’s free, but it certainly has a great value: Madrid’s new generation of creators is ready to amaze you, one day after another, for a whole week! Every day at this festival is going to be different and unique. Join us in the greatest celebration of creativity that Madrid has ever seen!