The Swatch Art Peace Hotel: open to all international contemporary creators.

June 30, 2018

The love story between Swatch & Art is a long story. Connecting, making visible and supporting the creative community is not new for us. For more than thirty years, Swatch has worked closely with outstanding artists. The Swatch Art Peace Hotel offers them a space where they can exchange ideas and above all, create!


The Swatch Art Peace Hotel opened its doors in 2011, and since then, hundreds of artists from all over the world have already left their mark on it through their creative work. Dancers, photographers, musicians, filmmakers, writers, painters, and all type of artists connected to contemporary creation, live and create today in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel.



An iconic building in one of China’s most vibrant cities.

Built in 1908 as the Palace Hotel and later known as the Peace Hotel South Building, today’s Swatch Art Peace Hotel is located at the cross-roads of the Nanjing Road and the Bund in Shanghai’s former financial district.


Protected as a cultural monument, the building has been meticulously restored by Swatch Group, ensuring that due respect was paid to the hotel’s heritage and status as one of Shanghai’s best-known landmarks. That now welcomes artists from all over the world to experiment a unique culture environment, dedicated to contemporary art.



More than an artist residency: an opportunity to connect with the international creative community and a extraordinary city.

Artists from around the world are selected by an international committee and invited by Swatch Group to live and work in one of the 18 workshops and apartments on the premises.


An invitation represents a unique opportunity for artists from a broad range of creative disciplines to meet on a daily basis, to exchange ideas and to work together in an extraordinary creative environment.



The Swatch Art Peace Hotel artists’ legacy.

Artist residencies last for a period of three to six months, but their spirit transcends, because at the end of their stay, all participants are asked to leave an artistic “trace” of their choice in the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. You can find all these traces, stories, creative artworks and their creators’ names in the Virtual Museum.



And it is this shared culture, this attraction, this admiration for art and new creators behind the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, the same that brings Swatch Cities to life. A project committed to the new generation of creators in cities all over the world, that you will be able to live and share in Madrid at the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival.