A love story between Antonyo Marest and Swatch in Madrid.

October 25, 2018

Few creators fit as naturally with Swatch’s casual and colorful aesthetics than urban artist Antonyo Marest. That is just one of the reasons why Urvanity, responsible for commissioning the redesign of the interior of Swatch’s Preciados store, chose him. Sergio Sancho, one of the people responsible for selecting Antonyo, tells us: “Antonyo couldn’t be more similar to Swatch. From the very beginning, we thought he fit the assignment very well. The connection between him and the company was immediate. He was always coming up with new things to do and the intervention grew in size and possibilities.”


Marest confirms this. He signed and gave away 200 numbered reproductions inside the Swatch Store on the day his work was presented. “I am very grateful for having had this opportunity,” he says. “This is the first time that Swatch has done something like this in any of its stores around the world. The impact has been incredible.”


As a result of this project, the Swatch Store on Preciados Street 26 has become a space where the inspiration of the creator from Alicante can be inhaled in every corner. “I usually start from a very architectural conception, like pure lines and straight surfaces, then I follow prints from the 80s and afterward I incorporate the color palette, which is inspired by the Miami style from the 30s to the 80s. These are the elements I combine to create my own identity,” Marest says.



He says that another personal triumph for him is the fact that he knows he has an art intervention in the center of Madrid. “[Madrid] is a very good city, but as far as art is concerned, it is a little limited,” he says. Since dreaming is free, Marest says he hopes that this isn’t the last Swatch store he works with. “I’d love to do the one in New York’s Soho district!”