The festival in images / 3rd Album

November 21, 2018

Creativity was also among the audience: artists, gallery directors, curators, musicians, photographers, designers and collectors also visited us.



The public shares the installation Un nuevo día, created by the artists Alina Marín, Ana de Fontecha and Inés Maestre.


Kilo-metro-segundo-segundo-metro-metro brought us one of the most participative moments of the whole festival.


During the workshop given by the creative native Gema Polanco, the technique of the collage was used to customize several Swatch Maxis (2 meters – long watches!).


The creation of one of the participants in the papercut workshop run by the artist José A. Roda.


The performers from the artistic project Kilómetro 0, made by Laura Corradi, Julia García and Arturo Garrido.


Each of the teams of creative natives designed and produced a scenography for a photo booth that kept changing everyday. Altogether we took more than 1,500 photos.


The Festival Opening: all the artists from the project, the Swatch team and more than 70 national and international media representatives attended the festival kick off.


The Market of San Cristóbal by Boa Mistura was one of the most significant actions of the festival and also, without a doubt, one of the most instagrammable.