Swatch Cities, Madrid’s photobooth: the album that belongs to you.

December 5, 2018

During the festival, Swatch Cities, Madrid’s photobooth surprised us everyday with a new concept. The creative natives’ teams created five completely different atmospheres in which we pressed the camera button more than 1,500 times. Several scenographies stood out for the color; others for their LEDs’ lights; and in some we even had original maxi cushions and fashion designs. But what was present at all times was your creative energy: you felt free and did what you fancied. You gave your best. And of course we would like to share with you an album with some of the best photographs of our photobooth.

All of you who came to the festival are also protagonists of a project where the important thing is not only creativity, but the people behind it. So, let’s give way to your best pics!

In this second batch, you will surely recognize more protagonists of the festival: creative natives, creative coaches, curators, musicians, artists… They were the first ones to want to take with them memories of what they had experienced during that intense week.

In the middle, the creative native Cristóbal Baños, member of the duo Hyperstudio.

From left to right, the creative coaches Juan López, Carlos Maciá and Miki Leal.

The curator Gregorio Cámara with the Swatch HQ team.

The curator Ariadna Cantis.

From left to right: the creative natives Yosi Negrín, Clara Cebrián and Mar Cubero.

On the right, the artist Miguel Moreno Mateos.

On the left, the artist Alex de Marcos.

The creative native Alina Marín.

On the right, the creative native Lydia Garvín.

The creative coach Leonor Serrano with her team Laura Corradi, Julia García and Arturo Garrido.

From left to right: the creative natives Ana de Fontecha, Inés Maestre and Alina Marín with their creative coach Miki Leal.

The members of the band Ambre.

Antonio, Ambre’s vocalist.