Swatch Cities, Madrid: The 15 protagonists have been selected!

July 20, 2018

A portrait of a new generation of creators in Madrid.

First of all, the Swatch Cities, Madrid team would like to thank all the candidates who applied to the Open Call. It ended with an avalanche of creativity, ideas and hope. The creative ambition that came flooding in over the past few weeks surpassed our expectations.


The selection process was complex and exhaustive and was marked by the candidates’ high level of skills and talent. The final list is an exciting one: fifteen emerging artists who stand out for their creative freshness. The young creators are multidisciplinary and capable of innovating and developing unique and personal artistic projects.


It is a selection that blends emerging creative disruption, established profiles and the ambition and artistic cheekiness of the most open-minded and rebellious individuals. Some names are already familiar in Madrid’s creative environments, and others will soon be. These 15 creative young women and men cover a range of artistic disciplines: architecture, graphic design, ephemeral interventions, performance, painting, photography, video art, sculpture, urban art, digital animation… But above all, they were chosen for their originality and creative talent. Now, a process of learning, creation and personal growth begins for them together with artists of renowned prestige who will act as creative coaches.


This is a new generation of creators, and these are the 15 selected Swatch creative natives:

Alina Marín

Ana de Fontecha

Ángela Jiménez

Arturo Garrido

Clara Cebrián

Cristóbal Baños – Diego Iglesias

Gema Polanco

Ignacio Nevado

Inés Maestre

Julia García

Laura Corradi

Mar Cubero

Sergio Cabrera

Yosi Negrín


If you submitted an application and were not selected to be part of this project but still have something to prove, relax: the road does not end here. The Swatch Cities project was created and designed to provide training and support, to help make emerging talent visible and to connect young creators with the creative spheres in this city. What the Open Call has shown us is that, in addition to the 15 creative natives, there is a lot of talent in Madrid that needs a space to connect and grow. That’s why, in October, during the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival, we will generate creative content and organize activities – talks, workshops, conferences, sessions to connect with the creative community and to introduce young creators – designed just for you. You haven’t missed anything yet because everything is yet to come. Join us. Connect with the project here and enjoy it on October 22-27 in Madrid.


See you soon at the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival. And congratulations to the selected creative natives!