Swatch Cities, Madrid and urban art: Boa Mistura, Antonyo Marest and your city.

October 22, 2018

Layer after layer of paint, city walls transform to the rhythm of local urban artists. The walls reflect the succession of generations of artists and styles. The pictorial battle of walls has become the creative environment where many of the new creators feel more comfortable and visible. And many neighborhoods feel recognized in the designs and creative universes of the artists they host.

Swatch Cities, Madrid wanted to bring its own layer of paint to this city, adding and contributing to the urban artistic heritage of Madrid; and aligning and collaborating with artists with a recognizable style adopted by the city and its people. We also wanted to leave a permanent mark in a city of reference in the international artistic community.

With this mission, Sergio Sancho, Director of Urvanity Projects, the new contemporary art platform, was given the role of urban art curator. He is the one who has led and produced two important projects featuring urban art collective Boa Mistura and artist Antonyo Marest.



The choice of Boa Mistura one of Madrid’s urban art collectives with the greatest international reputation, is no coincidence. The beginnings of this group from Madrid have a lot to do with one of the key creative premises of the project: diversity. The term “Boa Mistura,” which comes from the Portuguese “Buena Mezcla,” refers to the diversity of formations and points of view of each of the members of the group. This is a creative phenomenon that is very present in a festival in which the exchange of ideas, the fusion of disciplines, the interaction between creators and audience are repeated.

Boa Mistura had a mission in this project: to create something lasting beyond the festival. To leave a legacy of a whole creative event like Swatch Cities, Madrid. And we believe they’ve done it. At the foot of the highest towers of Madrid’s skyline, next to the Paseo de la Castellana, you will find the San Cristóbal market that now projects a new message: LIFE IS MOVEMENT. It is a call to creative spirit. An energetic message against passivity. An offering to the city. Bringing attention to a small market in a neighborhood that has been the scene of great social transformations. Supporting traditional commerce and a space that is a meeting place for neighbors. Visit it now, next month or next year. It will wait for you there.

Born next to the Mediterranean, Antonyo Marest made Madrid his city. Over time, he has developed a style linked to the most colorful art deco. Distinguishing himself as a young urban artist who plays with geometry, he frees his creativity with the sensuality and vibrancy of his color palette.


Antonyo participates in the Swatch Cities project with an intervention in the most central Swatch Store at Calle Preciados 26. He has transformed the entire store, from the shop windows to the entire interior atmosphere, with a unique image where the juggling of shapes and colors make the store a work of art. This new creation is also waiting for you. If you want to meet Antonyo Marest and get a free signed reproduction of one of his works, you are in luck: he will be with us on Wednesday, October 24th at the Preciados Swatch Store, from 19:00 to 21:00.

Beyond the artistic interventions we have unveiled so far, we expect more surprise collaborations from Swatch with these artists. But we can’t reveal them just yet. The only way to be the first to know what’s going on with these artists is through our newsletter, the festival blog or through Swatch’s communication channels. Remember to get your free invitation to the festival and the concert on Friday, October 26th at the Ochoymedio Club.

Run, don’t walk! We’re at the halfway point of the festival!