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Swatch Cities Madrid, the festival in images / 1st Album

November 3, 2018

The sound of Cintia Lund merges with the artistic installation of Alina Carranza, Ana de Fontecha and Inés Maestre.

Ambre rehearses moments before their performance at the Impact Hub Gobernador.

A member of Ambre, among some of the 50 pieces that formed part of the installation ‘Slide to unlock’, by the creative natives Clara Cebrián, Mar Cubero and Yosi Negrín.

Ambre: the band that opened the festival’s acoustic concert sessions.

The public wanted to intimately listen to the urban sound of Solo Astra.

Gabriela Casero (Mow) and Brenda Sayuri created an intimate atmosphere with which to say goodbye to the festival.

Cintia Lund minutes before performing at the Ochoymedio club.

The trap singer Maldiva, one of the big surprises of the night.

Cintia Lund stepping on the stage of Ochoymedio club. The audience was captivated by her enigmatic voice.

Mow shined with its own aura.

800 people attended the Ochoymedio club concert.

Solo Astra performed ‘Cold Hot Dog’, one of the exclusive songs recorded for Swatch Cities, Madrid.