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Swatch Cities, Madrid: start moving your city now.

October 15, 2018


Art Shows, talks, workshops, showcases, concerts, and much more. A lot more!

There is only one week left to celebrate the festival of new ideas and new creators:  Swatch Cities, Madrid. See you soon at the Impact Hub Madrid (Calle Gobernador, 26). Six days to unveil the Art Shows developed and produced by the five teams of Creative Natives, together with their respective creative coaches. We can’t go into any detail about the themes or dynamics of their artistic projects; however, we already have the protagonists of each day. Because, we already have a program! You can find all the information about the festival (schedules, activities, workshops organized by creative guests, talks…) in the ‘Agenda’ section of our website. Find, click, and get your invitations (they are free) so you don’t miss what interests you most at this unprecedented festival.

You will be able to see the Art Shows from 16:00 in the afternoon until the closing of the Impact Hub Gobernador, at 22:00. At the end of each day (except for Friday, the day of the concert at the Ochoymedio Club), one of the project’s five bands will play acoustically to accompany the Creative Natives and finish the day on a high note in this space. However, those who still have the energy can continue the party in the Sala Maravillas with a concert by another one of the project’s bands.

And now, let’s synchronize the programs!

On Tuesday 23rd, the first Creative Natives’ team to be in charge of lighting the creative fuse will be Juan López, formed by Yosi Negrín, Mar Cubero and Clara Cebrián. After a day that also ensures creative exchanges through talks and workshops, at 20:30, they will be joined by the progressive rock sound played by the band Ambre.

On Wednesday 24th, it will be the turn of Marlon de Azambuja and his team of Creative Natives: Ángela Jiménez, Hyperstudio (Cristóbal Baños and Diego Iglesias) and Sergio Cabrera. They will present an unconventional project, ending up with the sound of the local band Solo Astra. Later on, at 22:00, MOW will be waiting for us in the Sala Maravillas to complete the day (access by free invitation only).

On Thursday 25th, the creative team that will lead the afternoon at the Impact Hub Gobernador will be the one formed by Alina Marín, Inés Maestre and Ana de Fontecha, guided by the creative coach Miki Leal. At 20:30 the voice of Cintia Lund will come to the basecamp. Finally crossing the festival’s equator will be Ambre‘s concert in Sala Maravillas (access by free invitation only).

On Friday 26th, the creative team of Carlos Maciá, who has guided the co-creation process of Gema Polanco, Lydia Garvín and Ampparito, will present an art show that promises color, mix and interaction. It will be the only day without a closing concert at the Impact Hub Gobernador. The five project bands will be indeed waiting for us at the Ochoymedio Club party, where they will play live the ten songs from the unreleased album created for the festival. This concert will undoubtedly be one of the project’s great milestones. Access is free until full capacity is reached. You will need an invitation; get it here!

On Saturday 27th, the last day of the Swatch Cities, Madrid festival, the moment will come for the Art Show created by Julia García, Arturo Garrido and Laura Corradi, tutored by the artist Leonor Serrano. The festival’s main basecamp, the Impact Hub Gobernador, will close its doors after MOW‘s acoustic performance.

Available tickets, confirmed days, and a full schedule of activities. All that’s left is for you to get your free invitation (don’t forget that it’s essential to access any of the activities). And for that, you’d better hurry: capacity is limited and you can’t miss this unique opportunity. Also, if you want to be the first one to discover the latest news, subscribe to our newsletter here: . We’ll keep you informed of all the relevant information, the latest news in the agenda, and the names of new guest creators and young creators participating in the Creative Natives Tribune.

Come on! See you in a few days