Creative Natives

Swatch Cities, Madrid: New creators with a lot to say.

October 11, 2018


The new Swatch Cities platform was born to give voice, to portray a new generation and to broadcast the collective testimony of the new creators of Madrid. A project to share the new ideas that move young artists and shape life in the city. An ecosystem created for new creators and their new audiences to connect freely.

We have spoken to this new generation of creators. Among other things, they have explained the meaning they give to new creativity, how they perceive new audiences, where they find inspiration in the city or how the creative process with their teams has been. Who better than our creative natives to transmit the spirit of Swatch Cities, Madrid?

“Tell someone, I’m here.” Lydia Garvín, one of the fifteen creative natives, quotes the poet Eduardo Galeano to explain what she expects from the Swatch Cities, Madrid festival. The festival of new ideas, to be held from 22 to 27 October in Madrid, seeks to support and give visibility to young creators and their “illusion to convey that we are here, that we exist, and so do our practices.. It’s an international artistic project that, according to the artist Ángela Jiménez, “allows us all to meet people who work in other fields, thus enriching our own practice.” 

 “It’s an invitation to go all out,” says Arturo Garrido when asked about the impact of this project on his career and the ones involving other creators in this city. “The ideas of the youngest are often silenced by the lack of economic means or exhibition opportunities. This project radically bridges that gap and shows Madrid the proposals of the city’s youngest creative generations. This festival makes many works come true and, perhaps, otherwise, they would never have been fully realized.”

It was always clear to the project’s curatorial team that the creative process had to be marked by diversity among the three members of the five creative teams. Something that, for the creative natives, was also a success: “Connections are the key,” emphasizes the urban artist Ampparito. “Putting yourself in the position of having to create something together, by everyone and no one at the same time, is an incredible exercise of mental gymnastics, free association and remaining open to options that you didn’t even imagine beforehand.” Julia García adds, when she talks about this new creative challenge, “It implies detaching yourself from any individual system that could lead to inertia or repetition.” Illustrator and painter Inés Maestre reminds us, “The mixture is always a breeding ground from which very interesting things can come out.” And Yosi Negrín sees the key as “communication between young creators who build this city,” pointing out that “it is necessary to break the hermetic seal between disciplines and generations.”

Swatch Cities, Madrid, the brand’s new bet for creativity, will be open at the Impact Hub Gobernador (Gobernador Street, 26) in Madrid, with a program that includes workshops, talks, showcases and concerts, and where the Art Shows created by the creative natives will be the nucleus of this unprecedented festival. Clara Cebrián tells us about her expectations for the final result of this three-month training and collaborative process: “I think we are going to see a very crazy fusion of styles and techniques, which if choreographed well, can merge into a very interesting final event.” Alina Marín also reflects in this sense: “Unexpected things can come out, because it is a process that encourages experimentation outside your own comfort zone.” For Laura Corradi, product designer and creator of ephemeral interventions, “This is a design exercise with great creative opportunities.”


“We are all very different and that is a reflection of our city,” says the sculptor Mar Cubero, talking about Madrid and its young creators. Others, such as photographer Gema Polanco, also highlight the new and enriching creative context of the capital: “Madrid is a tremendously inspiring city which I think is now in an incredible moment. There are a lot of young people wanting to do things and this is going to be reflected in the festival.” This is a project dedicated to thinking about how new young ideas move and change cities. And in this sense, Cristóbal Baños and Diego Iglesias (founders of Hyperstudio) emphasize that “The city is the result of a collective construction in constant transformation and change. We are all active agents in this process.” “It is the moment to enlarge the artistic and creative space of the city,” claims the sculptor Ana de Fontecha, “and to make it invade the streets.”

“Come and rediscover Madrid, fifteen times.” This is Arturo Garrido’s invitation to all those who might to come to the festival. A space totally open to participation, where the attendee is yet another creative element. Everyone is invited to share their creative energy and, as Sergio Cabrera recommends to those who come, to come “ready for a close, transparent appointment, open to the exchange of ideas.

Beyond what they have told us so far, the most important thing about this new generation is all that remains to be said. We have to follow their lead. You have to know them. To meet them in person. At Swatch Cities, Madrid you will have your chance to connect with the fifteen new creators and the city’s emerging creative community. The best way not to miss out anything is to be informed right from the start. Subscribe to our newsletter here:  We will keep you up-to-date on all the relevant information, the latest news in the agenda and how to get your tickets for the festival before anyone else.


See you, Madrid!