Swatch Cities, Madrid in the media: the echo of the new generation of creators.

November 28, 2018

Before, during and after the Swatch Cities, Madrid festival, national and international media have spread (and continue to spread) the spirit of this project and, especially, the quality of its protagonists. The most relevant media, in their printed and digital versions, magazines and social networks, have wanted to convey the need to bet on young creators, listen to them and recognize their role in the future of the life of our cities. In which their art and ideas, generated from a strong collective consciousness, make their way and aspire to inspire and impregnate us with new visions, values, habits and attitudes.


Few have hesitated to underline the virtues of this new generation of artists: their commitment to their environment, their capacity for collaboration, their openness, their innovative ideas, their skill with new tools and formats… The media have echoed their projects, their initiatives, and have placed Swatch Cities, Madrid as a great opportunity to reduce our distance with the emerging creation. Allowing us to get to know its protagonists and connect with them. Many agree that Madrid is experiencing a moment of great creative fervor and Swatch Cities has witnessed this.


We will now leave you with some of the most interesting opinions generated as a result of this project, which for Swatch is much more than a festival: it is a matter of principles. To reclaim the role of creativity, making the work visible and projecting the voice of those who, with it, want to leave their mark on the cities in which we live.


«The creative energy of a city that seeks to connect, and that we connect, with a new emerging generation of contemporary artists who will set the pace of trends in the coming years». MujerHoy.


«Creativity is the result of individual talent, but also of the environment. This is why there are so many artists and entrepreneurs who work in big cities: the mixing of cultures, contact with different realities and, above all, dialogue with other creators is an almost essential condition for formulating truly relevant ideas». ICON, El País.


«It is the young creatives who transform cities, not only with their art but also with their committed and innovative attitudes». Cinco Días.



«A chosen city, not only because it is a world reference in terms of urban transformation, but also for the positive energies and new ideas that Madrid’s life inspires to Swatch». So Soir.


«It is very flattering that an international design brand as big as Swatch chooses you as the representative of the new generation of creators. It gives us one more reason to continue fighting for it and, undoubtedly, a big push towards the international market». NEO2.


«Madrid is the new London because there is a powerful underground movement that is stirring the foundations and making wonderful things happen». SMODA, El País. 


«Creativity is the result of individual talent, but also of the environment. Young talents are the engine of creativity, representing diversity and equality». El Confidencial.


«With the support of Swatch, they (Boa Mistura) were able to breath new life into Mercado San Cristóbal, an area in the city that has recently suffered demographic deterioration and dilapidation. Boa Mistura transformed the neglected buildings into colourful displays adorned with the tagline ‘La Vida es Movimiento’ – which translates into ‘Life is Movement’» Schön! 


«Creativity is the result of individual talent but also of the environment in which it evolves. For their part, young talents are the driving force behind this creativity representing diversity and equality. They challenge brands to the delight of Swatch».  Zonebourse


«We wanted to find really groundbreaking proposals, where the musicians bring together three fundamental aspects: being young, having latent creativity and commitment to the city. It hasn’t been difficult because we’re living through a wonderful musical moment». GQ.


Members of the national and international press were able to discover the Boa Mistura project at the San Cristóbal Market.



This is just a selection; the impact of Swatch Cities, Madrid does not end here. Follow its impact on these links!