Swatch Cities, Madrid doesn’t end: your ideas will stay alive in the city.

November 2, 2018

The Swatch Cities, Madrid festival is coming to an end. This has been an intense week of learning, structured around three major artistic disciplines: contemporary creation, music and urban art. In which the real stars have been the new creators, who have been able to project their voice to tell us about their ideas, their works, the things that move them and how they imagine the future of creation in this city.

We have achieved many things together. But we’re not just referring to milestones like having installed 5 different Art Shows in 5 days at the Impact Hub or having filled the Ochoymedio club with hundreds of people who wanted to know what Madrid sounds like. We go further. We have discovered new structures, new models of work and collaboration. We have connected more than 50 emerging artists and their projects with new audiences. We have lived new artistic experiences. And we have acquired valuable knowledge to apply in the future, observing how the new generation of creators works, their culture of collaboration and their shared values.



Being collaborative and open is key for innovation. Swatch Cities is a project highly marked by collaboration and openness. The 15 creative natives have worked in teams of three, co-creating together with other young artists in a completely different environment: from different disciplines, media, formats… Their ideas have been able to coexist and grow influenced by those of other creators. Achieving very different results from the ones they would have obtained in an individual project. Without the collaboration of a team, it would have been impossible, for example, to build a tapestry of 6,240 coloured plasticine tablets in record time. It is necessary an open attitude to the other, to the different, to the new, especially when we seek to be innovative. (That is why Swatch has bet on this project for really young and diverse artists, some of them did not even have any published work, such as Maldiva).



Creating networks to grow. We have shaken the city connecting its most creative people. Together we make more noise, and we go further. That’s why we’ve built a valuable network of creators through two successive selection processes capable of amplifying the impact of the project. We have connected young creators to established artists, curators, musicians, architects, designers, urban artists… Creating ties that will last beyond the festival. Generating opportunities, getting together the paths of people and projects with common objectives. Swatch Cities, Madrid does not end here. We have generated a network of interesting people interested in transforming the life in this city with their ideas. And we hope and are sure that they will collaborate and support each other to achieve it.



Taking on new challenges to create something new, different, and memorable. We’ve set out to do what we’ve never done before. A multidisciplinary festival, an album, concerts, an architectural intervention, urban art projects, participatory art installations… And all at once, in a city with an enormous creative potential. We have created a link between art shows and music, generating an impacting and unpredictable atmosphere, thanks to the sum of the efforts of hundreds of people who have come to share their creative energy, opening up to the new, the unexpected. A shared path that has taken us further than we could have imagined.



New experiences to bring art to new audiences. We all need to generate links with art and creativity. But sometimes the most conventional forms distance themselves from audiences that demand new languages and formats. In Swatch Cities, Madrid we have learned the importance of generating these new artistic experiences, open and participatory, to bring art to a wider and more diverse audience. Workshops, talks, presentations… The city has been able to touch with its hands, interact, and dialogue with the new creativity and its new actors.



By supporting emerging talent we all win. The new generation of creators has shone in this project. And they are the ones from whom we’ve really learned the most valuable thing we’ve taken away from this week. We wanted to make a portrait of the new generation of creators and this image has also captured, above all, their values. Values with which we fully identify: creativity, openness, innovation, originality, movement, transparency, optimism, and the desire to grow and have a positive impact on the environment in which we live.