Swatch Cities: Join in to celebrate creativity in its pure state.

October 12, 2018

Only a couple of weeks to go, the Swatch Cities, Madrid festival is about to be presented as a participative cross-genre event. Born with the mission of building a common space between new creators and new audiences. A surprising, vibrant young atmosphere that will have its main base camp at the Impact Hub Gobernador (Gobernador Street, 26), the epicenter of creativity in Madrid from 22nd to 27th October.

The festival will kick off with the Festival Opening. A day of creative inspiration that will situate the Swatch Cities project in the cultural and artistic frame of contemporary cities. We will have a reference to the international curatorial scene, Chus Martínez, and Spanish artists who were formerly residents at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Irene Gil y Miguel Moreno. They will share with us their professional experience and points of view, in a context open to dialogue and exchange of ideas on contemporary creation, new artists and the city.

At the Creative Survival Toolkit, already recognized and established professionals from the creative sphere of Madrid, will give us their vision, advice and professional tools to move forward in the creative and artistic sector.

No more than fifteen creative natives have been chosen for Swatch Cities, Madrid but we are sure that there are many more in the city. New creators with new ideas who also belong to this new generation. We want to give them a place where they can present themselves and be recognized. Therefore, every day, the Creative Natives Tribune will be open to a selection of other active creators from Madrid who will present their projects in sessions open to the public.

We want Swatch Cities, Madrid to be the perfect framework for interaction with creativity. Therefore, attendees will have opportunities to create and share ideas in Create Swatch Time with creative workshops given by artists, allowing them to interact with new formats.

The main course, without a doubt, is the Art Show by the creative natives: every day a team of three creative natives, together with their creative coach, will present their art project, created and produced during the last three months – a key moment of the festival that nobody can miss and which will take place from Tuesday 23rd to Saturday 27th October. In addition, each team will propose its own Inspiration Sphere, inviting creators or artists of reference for them.



At the end of the day, the Impact Hub Gobernador will make space for music: there will be unplugged concerts performed by the bands active in the project. Another great opportunity to move and shake and connect.

The Impact Hub Gobernador (Gobernador Street, 26) will open each day at 16:00. And throughout the day, the coffee maker won’t turn off for a minute. The Creative Natives Café, served by Toma Café, will be open to you.

You already know almost everything about Swatch Cities, Madrid. But there’s still a lot to discover. In the next few days we’ll give you more information about schedules, creative guests, and above all, how to get tickets so you don’t miss your favorite activities. Remember, you will be the first to know everything by subscribing to www.swatchcreativenatives.com.

Start warming up your mind. This is just the beginning.