Creative Natives

Curious about the 15 Creative Natives? Get to know them here, one by one.

August 1, 2018

No architects, no painters, no actors, no photographers. They are creators, and together they are a portrait of a new generation of artists in Madrid, defined by their openness toward disciplines and going beyond conventional artistic categories.


This list of 15 creative natives is made up of multidisciplinary and stylistically non-classifiable artists. It is a wonderfully diverse mix of creative personalities. These artists are adaptable and used to working collectively, but also with experience creating professional projects on their own. They are young artists who belong to different creative environments and find, in their own way, raw material and inspiration from the city. Some of our creative natives have already enjoyed international art residencies, and others are now on the brink of their first opportunity for exposure on the world stage. Our commitment is not only to help them develop artistic projects that will serve as the main content of the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival, but also to provide them with a whole ecosystem of connection, creative exchange and relationships that can benefit them long after the Festival comes to an end. We aim to help these creative natives build professional – and personal – links with Madrid’s creative community.


They have already met in person. And you will be able to meet them as well at the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival taking place in Madrid on October 22-27. Until then, we’ll tell you a bit more about Madrid’s new generation of creators:


Alina Marín

Alina has just finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at the Complutense University of Madrid. Alina transmits pure creative energy. She is a young artist with an experimental artistic purpose. She is creatively courageous. Totally multidisciplinary, she started her practice with painting and engraving, but currently she focuses on photography, production and art direction. She alternates these activities with performances in the public sphere, working with an artistic intervention collective called “Rojo.”

Ana de Fontecha

Ana has just finished her Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art History and Visual Culture by the Reina Sofía National Museum, Complutense University of Madrid and Autonomous University of Madrid. She is currently developing her career at Estudio Mendoza. She has exhibited in galleries such as Espacio Valverde in Madrid and LABoral in Gijón. Her practice, mainly sculptural and interventional, focuses on “the study of space as an idea in which thoughts are constructed and where concepts such as place or the individual are placed.”

Ángela Jiménez

At 21, Ángela is the youngest creative native. However, her youth does not get in the way of her creative courage or ambition. She displays a solid discourse linked to the exploration of natural space and the human body. Her disciplinary preference moves through video art, intervention, performance and new media. The fragility of human memory and its transformation are fundamental pillars of her practice. She has participated in the Biennale of Bolivia and has recently exhibited at the Contemporary Art Center Espacio O, in Santiago de Chile.

Arturo Garrido

A recent Architecture grad from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Arturo’s works are based on the fusion between architecture and fine arts, “generating hybrid proposals, where both domains merge and feed back.” He is a master of digital design and interaction tools and skilled in detailed drawing and comics. His creative projects’ main themes concern social, environmental and educational issues. Recently, at the ARCOmadrid 2018 Contemporary Art Fair, his interactive installation “Madrid 666” stood out significantly.

Clara Cebrián

Instinctive, digital and color loving, Clara’s main artistic domains are animation and digital art. Her creative universe is inspired by recent digital formats: GIFs, 2D animations, video art pieces, artifacts and more. She is also interested in other forms of creative expression such as textile design and ceramics. She has recently finalized an art residency in Mexico City. Clara has professional experience in prestigious institutions and has worked for international brands and media.

Cristóbal Baños – Diego Iglesias

Cristóbal and Diego participate in the Creative Natives project as a duo, since they share the same professional project: “Hyperstudio.” With a background based in architecture and digital media, from their creative studio they “merge interdisciplinary research and interactive design to build hypermedia platforms and strategies with future projection.” They have developed projects for institutions such as the Polytechnic University of Madrid, the Architectural Association School of London, the Medialab-Prado in Madrid, the Architecture Festival and Diseño Concéntrico in Logroño. In addition, they have worked with a multitude of contemporary

Gema Polanco

Gema grew up with a predisposition toward painting. Early on, however, she found photography to be her most personal vehicle of expression. She graduated with a degree Fine Arts from the London College of Communication and, having recently exhibited at the PhotoEspaña ’18 photography festival, Gema’s thematic photographic universe is highly diverse: reflections on the family, gender issues and underground culture. Apart from photography, she is also interested in other creative fields such as textile design, video editing and drawing. She has her own publishing company, Navaja Automática, through which she self-publishes books, creates fashion and establishes other cultural artifacts.

Ignacio Nevado

Ignacio (aka. Ampparito) is an urban artist who works on “subverting objects, meanings and realities to generate new experiences and situations.” He has a pictorial domain as a contemporary artist, painting murals where he oversizes everyday objects. And, on the other hand, a more sculptural practice where he transforms objects and surfaces of urban furniture in a sophisticated way to display his vision or personal reflection. In the last year alone he has exhibited artistic interventions at different international meetings: Street Prints Outautautahi (New Zealand), Frame-it Project (Carrara, Italy), Street Art Buses (Norway) and the Museum of Urban and Contemporary Art (Munich)

Inés Maestre

As a digital painter and digital illustrator, Inés has a painting style that is already recognized in Madrid’s art circuit (and in the national one as well). Her work revolves around portraiture, “creating scenes and interpreting situations where human presence intervenes in space.” In her pictorial practice, she represents themes such as “the inescapable passage of time, post-adolescent youth and the widespread alignment of our society.” Always displaying a highlighted and unique style, she has worked on projects for various international fashion brands and presented solo and collective exhibitions in cities such as Madrid, London, Milan and Barcelona.

Julia García

Julia’s artistic work is developed through different practices that “associate artistic production with theoretical research projects.” Walking and observing are nuclear parts of her creative process. Her works have a very intimate origin where she reflects on “the relations of exchange that occur, through symbolic thought, between inhabitants and inhabited space.” A graduate in Fine Arts from the Complutense University of Madrid, she is currently involved in projects influenced by the fields of education and cultural mediation and the collaborative model in art production.

Laura Corradi

Laura is a product designer, creativity workshop facilitator and creator of ephemeral interventions with an important social and educational impact. Being part of a collective is at the heart of her practice. For this reason, her works always have a central social participation component. A graduate from the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan, she is, as an artist, “in love with the relationships and the thousands of personal synergies that intersect within the city.” She was linked to the Basurama collective. She has co-founded her own project named “NADA Colectivo,” in which she develops diverse creative social projects in Madrid’s urban areas.

Lydia Garvín

Lydia is a multifaceted and chameleonic artist. It’s difficult to define her as a usual artist because she is a scenographer, an art director, an illustrator and a graphic designer. She is an energetic and self-taught artist that admits to working comfortably in open and non-rigid creative environments. In her recent practice, she interacts with the city through interventions with an ironic discourse with a critical sense of humour. Formed in cultural institutions such as “La Casa Encendida,” CA2M and “Nadie Nunca Nada No,” she co-founded a flexible creative collective named “PROA” which “offers talks, conferences and expo-parties.”

Mar Cubero

Mar’s main vehicle of artistic expression is sculpture. She has recently finished an art residency in Glasgow, and is currently developing her plastic research at Estudio Mendoza. Her practice features dialogues with space and wood as its expressive construction material. She is interested in “its textures, densities and shapes.” She understands and plays with the material by transforming small pieces into larger objects. Co-founder of the publishing firm “CIENTODIECIOCHO,” she has exhibited in galleries such as Openstudio 2018, [Es]positivo, Espacio Valverde, EspacioBRUT and Piramidón Centre d’Art Contemporari.

Sergio Cabrera

Raised in Vallecas (Madrid’s neighborhood), Sergio has just finished his degree in Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. Sergio stands out for being an artist who reflects, in a very close and personal way, on the elements of the everyday urban environment. He has a unique, reflective and critical point of view on the role creative transformation of public spaces plays in the city of Madrid. He considers teamwork and creative exchange to be determining factors for reaching new ideas.

Yosi Negrín

A graduated in Architecture from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Yosi works as an artist in “more peripheral areas, such as activism, art and anthropology.” His line of artistic work is subordinated to the use of technology and information as building and signifying art vehicles. He believes in the value of “collective, almost communal, transgenerational and transdisciplinary creation.” For the last five years, he has been part of the collective “255,” with which he has worked on publications and fanzines. Recently, one of his projects was exhibited at the Spanish Pavilion of the Architecture Venice Biennale ’18.


Now you know the 15 creative natives: the stars of the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival. They represent a generation of creators accustomed to the new hypermedia context, capable of mixing reflective and connective elements in their discourse. This combination of inspiration, innovation, commitment and creative disruption already adds great value to the festival and we expect them to be a creative impulse for Madrid and its neighboring cities.


Now is the time to give them artistic freedom and let them make the most of this opportunity. The five teams are organized and ready to work with their respective creative coaches. It’s time to create. Check back on our blog where we will keep you informed with news, interviews and event updates related to the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival, to be held on October 22-27 in Madrid.


Let’s create! Let’s enjoy!