Creative Music Bands

The most indie, urban and expressive melodies all in one night full of authenticity.

October 27, 2018

Atmospheric intensity, indie sounds, hints of electronics, a mix of musical styles, urban aesthetics… five bands from independent label Subterfuge played on Friday night at the Ocho y Medio Club. Mow, Ambre, Solo Astra, Cintia Lund and Maldiva have a lot in common, and yet each one of them is distinguished in its own way by a unique essence; an essence that allowed the audience to enjoy their evocative melodies.





They all played tracks from the vinyl record that was produced as part of a collaboration between Swatch and Subterfuge to mark the first edition of Swatch Cities. This limited edition record was produced by David Kano and only 551 copies exist.



The first group to perform was Maldiva with their singles “Gozándolo a mi manera” and “No me (ll)ames.” The emerging trap duo starred in a performance that was full of meaning for them, as it was their live debut. Next up was the underground band Ambre and, despite the fact that their lead singer, Antonio Trapote, had a broken leg, they projected a powerful energy throughout the club. The quintet has just released an EP called “Mercury Man,” that captures their drum-and-bass, Radiohead-influenced style as it evolves toward psychedelic rock – a nebula of sounds touched by unclassifiable textures.



The excitement was truly unleashed when singer Cintia Lund took the stage. Her forceful voice navigated various genres, from dream pop to reggae, and the intensity ebbed and flowed between songs. Lund is known for her retro and alternative style. She performed two of her own songs, “I’m not a hipster, Vampire” and “Hook.”



Following Lund, Mow, Gabriela Casero’s musical project, appeared on stage with her entire band. The characteristic pop and electronica sounds guided them to fulfilling their dream of producing and performing songs in English. They played “Come as you care” and “Grasiah” from the Swatch Cities vinyl record.



The group Solo Astra was responsible for adding the final touches on an evening of musical fantasy. The psychedelic rock band is based in Madrid and their new EP, “Delivery Boy,” features five songs that feature urban music mixed with pop. It was obvious that the audience loved them – the energy was infectious and from the cheering and clapping, it was clear that the fans would have loved the music to play on an infinite loop.

This unforgettable concert was only possible thanks to the generosity and creativity of the bands. They wholeheartedly believed in the vision of the Swatch Cities project, and their concert was emblematic of the energy of the city and their desire to leave a lasting mark on the place they call home.