Swatch Cities Madrid Festival: Madrid’s contemporary creation party is looking for its creators.

June 20, 2018

Do you want to participate in a unique artistic project? This is your opportunity.

Swatch Cities, the new platform for contemporary urban creation by Swatch stars now. It begins with an Open Call looking for the 15 young artists who will become the main characters of  Swatch Cities Madrid Festival. An unprecedented project in Madrid that is looking for young people who want to learn, grow and connect with the creative community of the city: artists like you.


Everything is yet to be created, everything starts here. You will have the opportunity to sign up for our Open Call until July 6th. If you are one of the 15 selected, you will be inside a unique process of learning, connection and co-creation with our creative coaches, renowned prestigious artists. Together, you will develop innovative projects, experiences and artistic interventions that will be the main content in the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival from 22nd to 27th October. You will also get a scholarship and will be able to access prizes and much more. If you are still not convinced, meet our creative coaches here, and take the first step.


And of course, in a project like this, music is key. 5 emerging bands will be selected by the Music curator Carlos Galán (Subterfuge Records’ founder and director) to work with a prestigious mentor in the production of a limited edition album in a vinyl format. The musical content will be presented in live concerts and parties along with contemporary creation experiences.


This creative energy will also arrive to the streets with an urban art intervention by one of Spain’s most relevant artists collective, with international impact: Boa Mistura, among other projects that we will soon share with you.


This is your moment. Remember that you can be the protagonist in this project. It’s a unique opportunity, you can’t miss it. Participate here.  
And if you are not one of the selected Creative Natives, you can also participate. Because there is so much more coming up in this project. In October, the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival will arrive to Madrid with conferences, workshops, artistic interventions, concerts and parties you won’t want to miss. Connect to our social networks and be the first to know.