Cintia Lund

Music Bands

Cintia Lund was born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and moved to Stockholm with her family when she was three. At the age of 12, she returned to the Canary Islands and at 17 she settled in New York where she lived until the age of 23. After winning the Dcode Festival competition, she finally decided to move to Madrid where she signed with Subterfuge Records.

Despite her youth, Cintia is one of the great revelations of the Spanish indie scene. She has already played on stages in New York, Stockholm, Milan, Bristol, Amsterdam, Madrid and Málaga. She has also performed in artists’ events such as Isabel Coixet’s and Nazario’s with John Waters, as well as in fashion-show events.

Cintia Lund composes, edits and produces the music in all her songs. She also designs her EP covers and produces her music video clips.