Carlos Maciá

Creative Coaches

Carlos Maciá‘s practice consists of two facets: specific interventions and a strictly pictorial side. In the first, inspired by the observation of the city and the occupation of the public space by its inhabitants, he reflects on the nature of the exhibition. Color and line are the main tools that Maciá works with. The use of industrial materials coexists with the neatness of the lines and the primary chromatic spectrum. Maciás stands out for his balance of colors. And his geometric bodies come to life in a space that really seems to have been exclusively designed to house them.

He has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Polytechnical University of Valencia. He has recently exhibited at the Luis Seoane Foundation of A Coruña. His work belongs to the collection of the CAAM of Las Palmas and the CGAC of Santiago de Compostela,