‘Life is movement’: Boa Mistura’s call to creative action.

November 28, 2018

Along with contemporary creation and music, urban art is another of the pillars of Swatch Cities, Madrid to build this city’s creative reality story. With a very important mission: to generate a symbol that represents the legacy of Swatch Cities in Madrid beyond the festival.


The internationally renowned urban art collective Boa Mistura has been chosen to inject creative energy into the San Cristóbal Market. A public space located in a neighborhood that has undergone many changes in recent decades and whose humble landscape now coexists with the great skyscrapers of Madrid’s skyline.


In this project, Boa Mistura’s intention has gone far beyond providing colors, shapes or aesthetics. The aim has been to cover the market with a message full of meanings: ‘Life is movement’, which the collective defends in its social networks: “We are alive because we are in movement. That which remains static, perishes, fades. Social agitation, keeping ideals awake and fighting, is another way of being alive. The San Cristóbal Colony has rooted in its veins the movement in both senses.”


In the following images you can see the result (and part of the process) of this project that, according to Boa Mistura: “Can be a great opportunity to bring life back to the market but, even if it wasn’t so, it has already become a place that attracts people from different countries and promotes the community. And this is precisely one of the aims of urban art: to build bridges between the different realities of the cities.”



Boa Mistura’s creative project in Swatch Cities, Madrid, has gone beyond the urban center. In addition, the collective has also designed a Swatch Art Special, “Layers of time”. An artist’s watch in a limited edition of 2018 units that reminds us on our wrist, second by second, that “Time only exists if you make it real”. A message that undoubtedly complements, on an individual scale, the one that the artists from Madrid have captured in the walls of the market.