Creative Natives

The new generation of creators is already working.

September 28, 2018

You know their style, their multiple disciplines and even their faces. The creative natives are hard at work creating projects to display at the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival, but how is the creative process going? Well, we’ll tell you a bit more.


The curators have organized the 15 selected creative natives into five teams. Each team is led by a creative coach who will guide it through a creative process. We want the creators to connect, to exchange ideas, to mix formats and to empower each other artistically. For these reasons, when the teams were established, we set an ambitious goal: the teams had to be as diverse as possible. We didn’t want the strengths of a team to have a dominant discipline or subject. It was our aim to boost creative exchange and disruption so that the final results will be totally unexpected. We are sure that unique, multifaceted creations will emerge from the combination of different disciplinary perspectives. And these creations will be presented at the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival in October.


These are the five creative natives teams whose artistic creations will be the stars of the festival:


Team 1: Leonor Serrano’s team includes artist and researcher Julia García, architect, artist and cartoonist Arturo Garrido, and creator and product designer Laura Corradi.


Team 2: Marlon de Azambuja’s team features young artist Ángela Jiménez, the hypermedia designer duo, Hyperstudio, and the artist from Vallecas, Sergio Cabrera.


Team 3: Team leader Carlos Maciá works with artist and stage designer Lydia Garvín, photographer Gema Polanco, and urban artist Ampparito.


Team 4: Miki Leal supports multidisciplinary artist Alina Carranza, painter and illustrator Inés Maestre, and sculptor Ana de Fontecha.


Team 5: Juan López serves as the creative coach for architect and hypermedia designer Yosi Negrín, sculptor Mar Cubero, and illustrator and 2D animator Clara Cebrián.


Two months have already passed since they met for the first time at the Impact Hub Madrid, the basecamp of the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival and the main venue where they will present their artwork. On October 22-27, the 15 of them will show us what makes them creative natives: the best artists from a new generation of creators in Madrid.


During the creative process, which is now underway, the creative natives and creative coaches are connecting, researching and exchanging ideas, processes and art disciplines. But above all, they are thinking about and reflecting on the city, the energy of Madrid and the transforming role of creativity in the city’s life. Now they are entering the production and idea-shaping phase.


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Stay patient and enjoy the moment. There are only a few weeks left for our young artists to create something special for you and for the city.


We’ll see you soon!