Discover at Impact Hub our space created by and for creators.

October 26, 2018

Impact Hub Gobernador (Gobernador St., 26) is the main scenario for the festival Swatch Cities, Madrid. A social space, alive, filled with creative energy, that is already hosting and connecting all art shows, concerts, workshops, showcases and talks.

Those who have already visited it have had the opportunity to discover by themselves how this space has been transformed to bring this festival alive, acquiring its own artistic value, thanks to the renowned architects collective, Takk. ‘‘We want this experience to be unique, we have transformed it entirely’’, revealed the artists responsible for this surprising architectural intervention, unexpected, filled with disruption and manual work values that distinguish their creations.



“We feel really recognized and appreciated that a brand like Swatch have chosen us. From the very beginning, they have encouraged us to propose something very special’’ claim Mireia Luzárraga y Alejandro Muiño. A creative team that stands out for its architectural ephemeral projects, with a great knowledge in manual processes. Their creations reflect on the intersection between nature and culture inside the contemporary frame, paying a special attention to the overcoming anthropocentrism in its different forms (ecological, cultural, gender…).

“We shared lots of interests with Swatch: its belief in innovation as a driving force for change, its non-conformist energy, its transgressor spirit towards design’s classic rules, its use of color or contemporary materials…’’



The collective has created for this celebration of creativity ‘‘a very special place: transmitting dynamism and vitality and generating an image related to concepts such as innovation, experimentation or novelty’’. An installation with which they have transformed the hub’s hall in a meeting point, open to connect with new creators ‘‘It’s an encounter space where the creative coaches, artists and the audience can meet, talk, have a drink or just relax. To do so, we have generated a very unique space. Organic, soft, festive, with geological reminiscences’’.



They warn us to get ready to be surprised, even ready to surprise its own creators with the use that any visitant can give to it. ‘‘The space generates meeting points where the user can choose how to interact. Basically, we create a base-infrastructure and the audience decides how to use it. Anything is previously decided, and at the same time, there are infinite possibilities of use’’. An architectural installation that shares the same essence of a festival opened to new ideas and its creators.



You know that if you want to discover by yourself this space’s special transformation and the innovative, open, program to be lived in its interior, you only have to check our agenda and get a free invitation. You can’t miss it: experience live our creative natives team’s art shows, the Madrid’s creative scene established professional’s talks, this city’s young creator’s showcases, the emerging band’s acoustic concerts and much more. Everything will be happening at a space with his own artistic value, a unique experience in which to share the creative energy that moves the city.


Join the festival of the new ideas and the new creators. We’ll be waiting for you!

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