Swatch Cities Cafe

Come and enjoy a coffee or drink. Connect, share and get inspired in a unique creative environment. Provided by  Toma Café.

Art Show: Ana de Fontecha, Inés Maestre and Alina Marín

Meet and discover the art project developed by the team led by the creative coach, Miki Leal. Learn all about the artists and their creative process.

Every artist has its own source of inspiration. Meet the people who have influenced the work of today’s team of creative natives.

Creative Natives Tribune

Discover more of Madrid’s upcoming creative scene. Young creators selected by our team of curators will have fifteen minutes to showcase their best work. .

Today´s names: (artists in progress).

Creative Survival Toolkit

Get quality advice, tools and useful knowledge at these talks, from established professionals who have already made it in the Madrid’s creative scene.

Unplugged Concert: Cintia Lund

Cintia Lund, one of the five emerging local bands of the project, will close basecamp’s doors with an acoustic concert