Creative Natives

Creative Natives Tribune: the extended portrait of the new generation of creators.

November 21, 2018

At the heart of the Swatch Cities project was the idea of generating a map of creators of the city: visibilizing and connecting emerging artists from all disciplines who are influencing life in the city of Madrid with their ideas. During one of the last days of the festival, the creative native Arturo Garrido highlighted “it is nice that we have managed to build that network of creators with whom to continue coinciding in different initiatives in the future”.


This support network we have built from the creative natives and the creative coaches is enormously wide. It is joined by other players involved in Swatch Cities, Madrid such as musicians, urban artists, curators, and most especially: all the people who have made the Creative Natives Tribune section of the festival possible. Dozens of multidisciplinary creators have approached the Impact Hub to share with the audience their projects, their realities and their dreams.


We were sure that something was happening in Madrid and with the Creative Natives Tribune we proved it. This creative effervescence, this unending dynamism, is real. We are dealing with a generation with a capacity for creation never seen before, which uses new media and formats with total freedom and moves freely between disciplines. These aptitudes are enriched with something more important: their attitudes. Swatch admires, and wants to be inspired by, the commitment that this generation demonstrates with its colleagues, its city, its society. Turning their creative work into a way to transfer new values in which to firmly believe. Guided by their own free vocation that we need to support, because our future also resides in them and their dignity as authors.


If you couldn’t catch this energy by attending the Creative Natives Tribune sessions, don’t worry. Below we present all the voices we heard during the festival week, with their respective contacts (websites, social networks…). So that you can get to know them, follow them and contact them.


Let the network continue to grow!




Ana Daganzo.Visual artist. Some of the lines of her practice are the duality between the micro and the macro, as well as experimentation on alchemy through a pictorial work on photography.


Elías Peña Salvador. Painter. He works with oil, acrylic and graffiti. His work is characterized by color, expressive strokes and the reflection of the images to which Elías is exposed in his daily life. (By the way, Elías is about to start a six-month residency at the  Swatch Art Peace Hotel in Shanghai).


Enrique Ventosa. Interior designer and architect. Together with Ana Arana, they make up the team of Plutarco. His work is developed in many disciplines and highlights the design of furniture with an international scope.


Marta JaraboArchitect and artist. Her practice reflects how political, social, technical and economic transformations affect the spatial structures that surround them.


Miguel Marina.Painter. Experiences painting on non-conventional materials. His work focuses on the construction of new narratives around landscapes.


Rubén AjaúStarting from a vision of the world approached from fears, he develops his creation through fanzines, videos and feature films.






Ana Cuna.Illustrator and designer. She is a creator of daily universes and patterns that are born from the observation of the day to day. She combines traditional elements with a contrast treatment.


Beatriz Dubois.Photographer. She makes analogical compositions and collages. Photography is the basis and paper is the support for her study of the individual’s relationship with nature, in search of an identity of her own.


Carlos Martín Rodríguez. Visual artist. His artistic practice moves through sculptural, audiovisual and essay-fiction strategies.


Elisa González (Elienígena). Illustrator, muralist, she also works on the object through characters made of felt. One of the threads of her work spins around mucus, with a work line she calls “Crepitantes”.


Sata García. Visual artist. Her work deals with social criticism through the aesthetics of Neo Pop Art, focusing on political-religious issues.


Sergio D. Loeda. Painter. Although his work focuses mainly on painting, he has evolved with the incorporation of foreign elements such as calligraphy or the text that brings him closer to the installation.


Conjuntos Empáticos. A collective made up mainly of young architects who, through reflection and participation, promote different initiatives in the world of architecture and culture: from research into public space to ephemeral installations or children’s workshops.






Adriana Fernández García. Artist. Her interests lie between the listening and the creation of stories, finding in everyday stories a source of collective knowledge. Her practice pursues the construction of common spaces in which to share that knowledge and facilitate its understanding.


Esther Merinero. Visual Artist and Curator. Her work focuses on the research on topics such as globalization, online communication, home replacement and the desire for a real space in which to exist


Geray Mena.Visual artist and photographer. He focuses his work on how the biography of objects, gestures and languages affect our memory.


José A. Roda. Illustrator. With a simple, honest and sympathetic drawing style. Inspired by photographs, colors and song lyrics, redesigning everyday objects that become works of art.


Lara Vázquez Valcárcel. Art director. She develops a line of work through design and sculpture based on three pillars: “surrealism, reggaeton and feelings”.


Lorena Ruíz Pellicero.She works on photography, video and script. Some of her themes are the representation of the given meanings and an imaginative vision of the non-presence of people in the urban environment.


Paulina Lara.Visual artist. She investigates and experiments on concepts such as the body, space, architecture, homes and the city; through disciplines such as dance, drawing, photography and sculpture.


Ana Vasco. Illustrator. Her work is a real time capture of the everyday life of diverse characters. The result is a series of illustrations that reflect a descriptive view of contemporary reality.


Lucas Zarpadiel. Artist. The African culture, art brut and the surrealist current nourish his work. The recombination and visual impulses he received while living in Athens have led him to a more grotesque art, with characters full of concern that relate within a universe filled with symbolism.





Álvaro Valls. Artist, educator, videojockey / GIFjockey, researcher. He acts immersed in the online visual culture. He also develops educational and storytelling practices through the graphic storytelling format.


Carlos Ramírez-Pantaella. Architect and artist. His artistic work focuses on the olfactory research in relation to space.


Gala Castro. Illustrator and designer. She works on fashion collections that are built through the millennial imaginary.


Teresa Cano.Art director. Together with Gala Castro she has created the platform Fracaso. Her intention is to bring together a community of young creators to support them through the understanding of failure as the stage for their development.


Mercedes Bellido.Painter and Illustrator. She works with metaphysical drawings charged with symbology constructed with cold colors. Among her recurrent themes there are birds of prey and tarot elements.


Tatyana von Boettinger.Textile and surface designer. Her work is inspired by music, the natural textures of the landscape of Lanzarote, her native island, and the fascination of the human mind.


Lydia GarvínOne of our creative natives! Artist and founder of Espacio Proa. Her work is based on the observation of new social behaviors in developed countries.


Gema Polanco. Another creative native! Multidisciplinary photographer and artist. She also works with different techniques such as collage or installation to promote the invisible image of women or social debates, as ways of studying her own environment.


Alberto Omiste. Multidisciplinary artist. His projects go from the simulation of a political party, which imitates the discursive vacuum of the so-called representative democracy, to the copying of formats, contents and systems of alteration of the reality of some religions.


Natalia Pérez Delgado. Photographer. She uses photography as a way of self-expression. Her work is a reflection of the experiences she has lived in the multicultural and diverse environment in which she is immersed.


Bárbara Traver. Photographer. Introspection is a source of inspiration for her work. She pretends to show a reality that hides in our inner self. With an intimate and suggested vision where the image goes beyond, allowing the free interpretation by the audience.





Alba Barrera (BAMBAM). Communicator and fashion designer. Her BAMBAM brand is built on the concepts of local production, ethical consumption and durability of the clothes. Her style is colourful and optimistic, with a superficial appearance and a great charge of contemporary symbolism


Constanza Huerta de Soto. Multidisciplinary artist. Her work focuses mainly on the study of language and the mechanisms of transmission of ideas. She is one of the founders of Espacio Vértice, a platform dedicated to contemporary art open to exhibition proposals.


Elena Díaz Fernández. Multidisciplinary artist and fashion photographer. She works with images to reflect on the relationship between people and their own aesthetics so as with the construction of memories.


Elena Zapico y Raquel Buj (Zap Buj).Architecture and fashion design. Their work proposes an approach between architecture and costume through the concepts of ‘skin’ or ‘enveloping’. They work with technological materials, combining manual, traditional and avant-garde techniques.


Juanito Jones. Architect, product designer, creative consultant and DJ. His work spans multiple platforms and disciplines. As a designer, his work is based on the transformation of codes and objects that come from diverse cultural references. The playful component and the idea of the unfinished as a possibility for improvement is a fundamental concept in his practice.


Niko Barrena. Anti-disciplinary research architect. His practice, both in architecture and in research and projects development in non-classifiable disciplines, always deals with community relations and the construction of collective meanings.


Helena Gedeuve. Architect and artist. She works through drawing actions that include the participation of communities and the reactivation of public spaces.  


Nada Colectivo. Integrated by a multidisciplinary team of which the creative native Laura Corradi is part, Nada Colectivo uses service design, environmental psychology and virtual communication. It designs with [not for] people, through empathic communication and reciprocal listening, empowerment and the correlation of citizens. Generating tangible and intangible ecological results for an efficient common life.