A scholarship, a starring role and an amazing learning opportunity.

July 2, 2018

Discover how you can present your artwork on a world stage.

The Swatch Cities Madrid Festival is your opportunity to be the star of an unprecedented project in Madrid: Swatch Cities. If you’re selected, you will receive a creation grant, prizes and more. This unique opportunity is within reach!


The first thing you need to know is if you can participate. We are looking for creative natives who are young, creative and open.


  • For decades, Swatch has collaborated with artists of all ages, but this project aims to support emerging talents. For this reason, only creators aged 18-30 who live, study or develop their artistic activity in the Madrid urban area will be able to participate. This is a project for Madrid and the people who live and create here.
  • Creative. We’re looking for creativity – the new, the different, the unique – in any contemporary artistic discipline: sculpture, photography, illustration, urban art, design, dance, performance, digital art, and installations in which multiple manifestations fit, including architecture, painting, video, sound art, electronic art, scenography, etc.
  • We are looking for open, collaborative creators willing to work as a team under the direction and advisory of a creative coach who will guide the creation of artistic experiences that are able to connect with new audiences. This goes above and beyond individual creative work.


If you meet all the requirements we have shared so far, it means you are a creative native, but if you don’t enter the open call we won’t know about you and what you do. L And believe us, we really would like to get to know you, and we also think you would enjoy receiving a training scholarship, an experience of growth and learning, production support, an international platform where you can share your work, and connection with the creative community. So, why don’t you participate here? Do it soon: you only have until July 6th(inclusive)!


Si cumples todo lo anterior eres un Creative Native, pero si no nos envías tu solicitud no podremos conocerte :(. Y créenos, nos encantaría. Y pensamos que a ti también te encantará conseguir una beca de formación, apoyo de producción, difusión de tus trabajos, y oportunidad de relación y conexión con la comunidad creativa. Así que participa aquí. Pero hazlo pronto: tienes solo hasta el 6 de julio de 2018 (inclusive).



What do we need from you?


  • Your curriculum vitae, indicating the studies you have completed, professional activities, exhibitions, awards and ..
  • Your biography
  • A dossier including one image and descriptive information of a maximum of three personal creative works or projects
  • Your reply to the following creative challenge:


“What is the city for you? Your creative practice is your language and a unique vehicle to communicate with the world. You absorb and process experiences with which to build the discourse that defines the creator you are. In many cases, these interactions and exposure to the environment happen in the city, and the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about it are its streets. Jane Jacobs said: ‘The streets and their sidewalks, the main public places of a city, are its most vital organs.’ – And you are a unique part of that urban organism. Your creativity allows you to observe, reflect and relate to the city in a special way, and it is magnificent when you share that vision”.



As you can tell, the interaction between your creative activity and the city where you live is at the core of our project.


The criteria employed by our advisory committee to consider your application is easy to predict: creativity, degree of novelty, authenticity, artistic value, relevance, projection, personality and, of course, capacity for teamwork. The judges will select a total of 15 creators from all submissions. The names of the selected individuals will be published after July 19th.


This festival will be whatever you want it to be. What are you waiting for?




Good luck!