Get to know Madrid’s new creators, and create alongside them.

October 19, 2018

There’s no doubt that the stars of Swatch Cities, a new platform that will be launched for the first time in Madrid, are true creative natives: under-30 individuals who have been co-creating artistic projects as part of a three-month grant program. They’re not alone though. They have been receiving guidance from prestigious artists who we like to call creative coaches. Swatch Cities was designed to connect audiences with new creators by encouraging active participation. The festival is energized by a creative atmosphere that will inspire other young creators to raise their voices and share their work with the community, and the world. The epicenter is a vibrant space in the Impact Hub Gobernador where you can talk and connect with the creative natives, take part in workshops with outstanding artists, and talk to talented leaders from Madrid’s art, music, architecture, and graphic design scenes.



Swatch Cities, Madrid aims to paint a portrait of a generation of new creators in this city; a picture of those who create here and now. For this reason, in addition to the 15 artists who form the festival’s creative teams, we have selected more newly established young artists from Madrid’s creative fields. Their artistic disciplines are very diverse: illustrators, sculptors, art directors, sound artists, textile designers, architects, choreographers, performance artists… All kinds of creative profiles make up the intricacies of this picture. The artists will introduce themselves to the Impact Hub Gobernador’s audience at the Creative Natives Tribune. In an open and quick speech format (15 minutes max), they will present their work and their inspiration. Some confirmed names are: architect, researcher and event designer Juanito Jones; fashion and textile designer Alba Barrera; illustration and urban artist Elisa González;  Niko Barrena, an interactive visual art specialist;  sound artist Constanza Huerta de Soto; Álvaro Valls, a visual artist who specializes in pedagogy; and many more to be announced.

The Creative Survival Toolkit was planned to achieve another project goal: to support and empower young creators. In order to achieve this, we’ve arranged opportunities for you to meet creators and artists who will share their professional experiences, advice and personal recommendations. They will be able to answer your questions about how to become an artist. These established professionals include contemporary art curator Gregorio Cámara; director and founder of recording company Subterfuge Records Carlos Galán; our architect curator Ariadna Cantis; and director of Urvanity Sergio Sancho. But, there are more on the list. Check the daily agenda over the next few days to find out how and when to get in touch with them.



Throughout the festival, there will also be live creation activities. We call this Create Swatch Time and it includes free workshops guided by professionals and artists from many disciplines related to animation, illustration and graphic design. The available spots are limited and they will be assigned by registration order at the Impact Hub Gobernador on the day of the event. Confirmed artists and dates are already set in the agenda:


Ana Cuna, illustrator and graphic designer, will lead a live workshop to design a clock’s face. Friday 26, 18:00-20:30.


José Roda, illustrator, will lead a workshop to help you create your own portrait using a papercutting technique. Saturday 27, 12:30-14:00.



Clara Cebrián, illustrator and 2D animator; Inés Maestre, painter and illustrator; and Gema Polanco, photographer, (and also, creative natives), will lead a live workshop to co-create a Maxi Swatch. Saturday 27, 12:30-14:00.


Vasito de Leche Studio, a lettering studio, will co-create with you your own lettering style during a live workshop. Saturday 27, 19:00-21:00.


See you there!