Creative Music Bands

A unique musical moment immortalized in a limited edition album.

October 31, 2018

The festival Swatch Cities, Madrid has brought us a glimpse of Madrid’s musical effervescence from the hands of five emerging bands and a production company that needs no introduction: Subterfuge. Solo Astra, Cintia Lund, Mow, Maldiva and Ambre have lived and made the most of this opportunity to share their creative energy through acoustic performances at the Impact Hub Gobernador, and the great concert at the Ocho y Medio Club in a night full of authenticity (link to the concert post).


A unique musical project that we have wanted to last forever through a gem in vinyl format, produced by David Kano, of which a limited edition of 551 copies has been published. 10 songs that celebrate the exciting moment our city is living, to the rhythms of indie urban sounds, under a different mix of different styles.


Find out here the sound portrait of the generation that has brought to life the party of the new ideas and the new creators. Listen to all the songs in this playlist.