Swatch Cities Madrid, The festival in images / 2nd Album

November 12, 2018


The interactive device designed by Hyper Studio takes data from reality and converts it back into color.


Three different experiences hidden in Hyper Studio (Cristóbal Baños and Diego Iglesias), Ángela Jiménez and Sergio Cabrera’s installations.



The creative native Angela Jiménez created an intimate atmosphere full of symbolism.



Alina Marín in the process of installing Un nuevo día, the work she has co-created with her colleagues Ana de Fontecha and Inés Maestre.



Light and time transformed our perception of the work Un nuevo día, made by the team led by Miki Leal.



The collaboration of all the teams was necessary to build the giant plasticine tapestry conceived by Ampparito, Gema Polanco and Lydia Garvín.


In total, 6,240 plasticine tablets integrated the work of Carlos Maciá’s team, named Kilo-metro-segundo-segundo-metro-metro.


The work was only finished when the public left their mark and took a fragment of it with them.


The symbols of the Puerta del Sol visited the Impact Hub with the artistic proposal of Arturo Garrido, Julia García and Laura Corradi.


Detail of the installation made by the team led by the creative coach Leonor Serrano Rivas.


Yosi Negrín and Mar Cubero during the installation of their work Slide to Unlock, co-created with Clara Cebrián under the direction of the creative coach Juan López.




In Slide to Unlock, fifty fabrics, plastics, sheets, projections, of different sizes and colors evoked the screens present in the architecture of the city.