SWATCH CREATIVE NATIVES: the Festival of young creators & new ideas in Madrid. October 22-27th 2018


Swatch Cities, Madrid:
The portrait of a new
generation of artists.

15 Creative Natives. 5 Creative Coaches.
1 unique opportunity to create, grow, share.

15 selected young creators – creative natives – have received training scholarships to enter a participative co-creation program. Learning directly from five prestigious creative coaches, these young artists have developed art shows that you will be able to experience at the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival.

Swatch Cities Madrid Hub: The meeting point, the basecamp.

Meet, discover and interact with new creativity and the artists behind it!

Art, music, workshops, talks, showcases, café and much more: on Calle Gobernador, 26.


Ambre, Cintia Lund, Maldiva, Mow, Solo Astra: The voices of a new creative generation.

Swatch Cities Madrid Music: five emerging bands have worked with the renowned producer David Kano (Citizen Kane, Cycle, Krakovia) to create a limited edition vinyl record. Discover their new music at concerts and unplugged sessions during the Swatch Cities Madrid Festival.

Swatch Cities Madrid Urban Art: Creativity takes over the city.

Boa Mistura, one of the most international urban art collectives in Madrid, will make its mark on the city. Get ready to witness a memorable project at a unique location.

Antonyo Marest’s art will also be part of Swatch Cities, Madrid. Stay tuned to learn about his participation in the festival and to discover more of his iconic work.

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Swatch Art Peace Hotel

Swatch & Art - A love story. Inspiring Swatch Cities.

For more than 30 years, Swatch has worked closely with outstanding artists. At the Swatch Art Peace Hotel , we offer them a space where they can exchange ideas and, above all, create! And it is this shared culture, this attraction, this admiration for art and new creators that is behind the Swatch Art Peace Hotel , the same that brings Swatch Cities project to life.

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