Swatch Creative Natives

What is Swatch Cities?

1. A platform developed by Swatch to find, bring attention to and support contemporary young creators in different cities around the world.

2. It is inspired by the roles creativity and this new generation of creators play in the transformation of life in our cities.

If you are a Creative Native, participate, grow, connect, win!

Participate in a contemporary creation project unique to this city. Go beyond your limits. Learn. Share. Don’t miss this opportunity.


Swatch Creative Natives Festival
October 22-27, 2018

Swatch Creative Natives Festival Countdown

62 Days
15 Hours
43 Minutes
38 Seconds

The Creative Coaches & The Advisory Committee

The selected creative natives will be grouped into teams that will work with an assigned creative coach. This role will be performed by relevant artists from the creative ecosystem of the city. Their main tasks will be to train, tutor, add value and co-create with the creative natives. They will work together to develop the projects destined to be the main content of the Swatch Creative Natives Festival.


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Swatch Creative Natives Sphere

All about Swatch Cities. All about the Swatch Creative Natives Festival.

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The Swatch Art Peace Hotel: open to all international contemporary creators.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel: open to all international contemporary creators.

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